Health and Wellbeing

Care Advice

Every resident in our homes has their needs assessed to ensure that the level of general nursing care is appropriate to their requirements. Our nurses deliver certain aspects of care personally or alternatively they supervise a team of trained care workers to provide the care and support required to promote each patient's health and wellbeing.

We welcome residents into a homely environment that is supportive, comfortable, safe and enjoyable. We go well beyond providing accommodation, meals and personal assistance to those who can no longer cope at home either on their own or with the support of carers, we provide them a "home" where friends and family are free to visit. We aim to ensure that all of our Residents have the freedom to continue their daily life with the dignity and privacy they desire.

Financial Advice

We have a range of services for people with learning disabilities including residential care in some of our Care Homes in England. We place the emphasis on empowering individuals to be as independent as possible to lead a rich and rewarding life as possible, in the way they choose. We assist individuals to take control of every aspect of their daily lives by means of our specialist care team staff and our creative and stimulating environment.

Our residential care centres provide a home environment, nutritious meals, entertainment, activities and personal care around the clock, such as help with bathing, dressing, dining, mobility and other areas of care individual to you as required. All our homes have a programme of activities and some Homes have an Activities Co-ordinator who gets to know each resident and ensure the activities reflect their individual preferences. Staff ensure that there is always a fresh supply of linen and clothing for reach resident.

Q. How does the home ensure the environment supports people with sensory impairments or dementia?

A. Our homes are designed to support people with sensory impairments and are regularly inspected by CQC to ensure we meet the requirements of safety and suitability.

Q. Are there telephone facilities you can use in private?

A. Our homes all have portable phones so you can take a call in the privacy of your own room. There is also the option to have your own line installed in your room.

Q. Is there mobile phone reception?

A. Yes, you should get good reception depending on your network provider.

Q. Can you access the internet, either in your room or on a shared computer? Do there seem to be enough computers for the number of residents?

A. Each home has a computer within a communal area. The computers have large key pads and screens and are very user friendly.

Q. Are books and newspapers available?

A. Yes, the local newsagents drop off papers daily. Just let us know what you would like and the newsagents will bill you.

Q. Does a mobile library visit?

A. Yes we can arrange for the mobile library to visit.

Q. Does the home arrange outings to the shops, entertainment venues or places of worship?

A. Yes we often do outings like pub lunches and garden centres, staff can assist you to the shops and each home has priests and vicars visiting with holy communion. Whatever your religious need we will support you.

Q. If you have pets, can you take them with you?

A. Our home at Applegarth has a 5 star award from the Cinnamon Trust and currently has a resident cat called Amber. Until recently we also had a little dog called Dan.

Q. How do staff get to know about a resident's life and experiences before they started living in the care home?

A. On arrival our dedicated staff will spend some time getting to know you and making a note of your likes and dislikes, medical history and needs. This will be a progressive thing as we get to know each other as individuals.

Q. Does the home provide information on activities, or have an Activities Co-ordinator?

A. Yes all our homes have activity co-ordinators and a weekly schedule of activities.

Q. Are there any physical activities, such as exercise groups or gardening?

A. Each home has beautiful grounds and we welcome you to have a section of gardening, we also do chair exercises to music and activities like bowling which can be done from your chair.

Q. How will you be told about upcoming events?

A. There is a displayed activities list and the staff will discuss with you what activities you enjoy. We also have news letters and display boards throughout the home.

Q. Are you encouraged to stay active and do as much as you can for yourself?

A. Yes we believe it is very important to stay as active as possible both mentally and physically.

Q. What security arrangements are in place to ensure residents are kept safe?

A. All homes have a key pad on the door.

Q. Can you go outside for fresh air when you want?

A. Yes all our gardens are secure and enclosed.

Q. Are there any restrictions on visiting times or numbers of visitors?

A. No visiting times families are welcome in whatever time as long as it suits the resident they are visiting.

Q. Where can you spend time with your visitors?

A. You can spend time with your families either in the communal areas such as lounge gardens or if you want somewhere a little more private then we advises you go to your rooms.

Q. Are there facilities for visitors to stay overnight?

A. We currently do not have facilities for overnight accommodation for visitors however depending on the circumstances we will make families as comfortable as possible.

Q. Are young children welcome?

A. Of course we welcome all the family.

Q. Are there members of staff who speak your language?

A. We employ multi cultural staff. So, although we can not guarantee to have a member of staff that speaks your language they are trained to read body language and assess needs without the use of verbal communication.

Q. Can the home meet your dietary needs?

A. Our trained chefs cater to every dietary requirement.

Q. Is food prepared on the premises? Is there a choice of food, and when and where it can be eaten? Does the menu rotate on a weekly or monthly basis? Can you see sample menus?

A. Yes your welcome packs includes a sample menu and we give residents plenty of options at meal times. We cater for all tastes and needs. Our chefs prepare and make all the meals freshly on the premises.

Q. Are details of the complaints procedure readily available?

A. Yes displayed within each home there is a complaint procedure and upon moving in a member of staff will make you aware of where this can be found.

Q. Are you encouraged to give feedback?

A. Of course we always strive to improve our services feedback is always welcome.

Q. Is there a residents' and/or relatives' committee?

A. Yes each home has a committee.

Q. Will the home carry out its own assessment before agreeing to accept you?

A. Yes it is important we can meet your needs and some of our homes are residential and do not have nursing facilities.

Q. What will happen if your needs change or increase?

A. We will do all we can to care for you however if our residential homes feel you need nursing care that our district nurses can not manage with we may need to move you to a more suitable place to ensure your needs are met.

Q. If you need help with bathing, who will provide this?

A. All homes have baths and shower rooms and our staff will assist you with this level of personal care.

Q. Can you choose how often you have a bath or shower?

A. Yes within reason.

Q. Are toilets available in all parts of the home?

A. Yes you will never be far from a toilet.

Q. Are they equipped with handrails and other mobility aids?

A. Yes.

Q. Are you helped to the toilet when you need to go, if necessary?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you keep your own GP? If not, what are our options? Can you access other health services such as opticians, dentists and chiropodists?

A. You can keep your own G.P however our local G.P's do weekly visits as well as emergency ones.

Q. What are the travel arrangements for regular hospital and clinic visits? Can staff accompany residents if necessary? Are there costs for transport?

A. Yes we can arrange transport to and from hospital visits and should you need a member of staff they can assist you. Generally transport is provided by the hospital and free however you may incur charges if staff need to come in on a day off.

Q. How will the home let friends and family know if you're taken ill?

A. A call will be made immediately to your next of kin or whoever you want us to contact.

Q. How are staff trained? What qualifications do they have?

A. All our staff are NVQ trained or working towards and our managers have all done their registered managers awards and been approved by CQC.

Q. Is there a manager on duty at all times?

A. All managers and Deputy Managers are on call 24hours a day and the homes are run by the seniors or registered nurses in the absence of the manager.